At the age of 5 I remember that I couldn’t resist the smell of my mother’s lipstick and I ate it. I always loved to be around when she made a beauty. I have always been fascinated by this process. Being a teenager I thought about the ideal. At that time I could not “make beauty” correctly. I intuitively made shape for my friends’ eyebrows, made manicure and massage. I wanted to make to whole world beautiful!
I went for studying to the school of make-up artists of cinema and television. Alla Arkhipovna Churia is a strict person, but only now I understand that we studied for hours not in vain. We drew each line a number of times not in vain, until we reached an ideal result! The skills must be sharpened and polished. The years of work grow from hours of “it doesn’t work out” and “I cannot any more”. Everything will be fine with the time, if you like your work and lead the charge. If you are under Master’s tactful guidance, you get the real mastership yourself.
The face is the canvas where it is possible to create worlds. And each such world is unique and is not like all the rest. You shouldn’t be timid in front of the faces (whether this is the face of Mikhail Saakashvili or Yuliia Tymoshenko). And if you are confident in your professionalism, whoever sit in front of you, the result will be the one – more beautiful and unique worlds.
I can talk about my profession for hours, but even more I like just to be silent and work. Because I am happy in these moments!
From 2010 had an experience as a film and television make-up artist. Cooperating with such TV channels and Tv shows like: The First National Channel, Era, 1+1, New Channel; the main make-up artist on a channel “112 Ukraine”, make-up artist in a musical show “Cossacks” where 95 quarter took part; lead makeup artist in a project ” Hello , Director?”; “Show # 1″; make-up artist in a projects like:” Star Factory semifinals”, ” Ukraine doesn’t trust tears”, show” Intuition”, musical show “I am a legend ” with Lyudmila Gurchenko ; ” 10 years of Socialite Life” with Ekaterina Osadchaya; “New Year’s Carnival” with Ekaterina Osadchaya.


Cooperation as an make-up artist with such famous people like:

Olya Polyakova
Kristina Mejinskaia
Nastya Kamenskih
Vremia Isteklo
Real O
Oksana Bilozir
Ulia Timoshenko

Lyaisan Utiasheva
Masha Sobko
Olga Sumskaia
Kristina Sishpor
Marusia Gorobets
“VV group”
Alexander Ponomaryov
Vitalij Kozlovskij
Vasilij Bondarchuk

Valerij Kharchishin
Aleksej Matios
Michael Saakashvili
Leonid Kravchuk
Vladimir Litvin
Oleg Lyashko
Vadim Rabinovich
Aleksei Mochanov
And more else…