Alla thank you very much for your talent, I never could think that I can be so beautiful, your ability to see is something incredible, I’m very glad to meet you, thank you verymuch for your skill!

I want to express my great gratitude to you for developing and creating amazing images for our theatrical actors! Your vision is unique, we really appreciate your talent and would like to cooperate with you in the future

Most of all I love the images created by Alla, when she starts to work, she always gets amazing and very different images. Thank you for your golden hands!

For several years now I’ve been cooperating with such a talented and special professional, what you do is unique, I cannot find words to describe my admiration! Thanks Allochka you are the best!

When you are the anchor of live television broadcasts – it’s a big responsibility, I trust only to Alla. This person is excellent in every sense of the word, she is unique, she is capable under pressure to make a full TV make – up and hairstyle, at the same time to support morally. Her excellent work gives 100% self-confidence, which is very important before the air

I had to work with many good make – up artists and hairdressers, but after working with Alla, I realized that this master is the best of the best, there is something inside her that distinguishes her from everyone else, she is bright, she is gorgeous!

I am very happy that I got to know such a talented master as Alla, she always does her work 100%

I did not meet a better professional than Alla

Thank you, Alla, for your ability to rescue in the most difficult situation. When your skin is in terrible shape and your hair needs restoration, this young and talented girl can perform miracles, she saves you in any critical situation and gives a unique opportunity to shine again like a star !!! I have no words to express my great gratitude

I will never forget my time of working with Alla, no one was better before and after, she is extraordinary, she is a miracle maker, she gives beauty, thank you to your hands, Alla your talent is a gift from above !!!

I have a rather complex face, lowered eyes, a broad face, not perfect skin, but Alla can perfectly hide all the shortcomings and at the same time bring up beauty! Alla – you are an amazing master, thank you for your skills!